☯finding my balance

Bought another bikini last night because I’m fucking obsessed 😍 it’s beaut though! A lovely blue from Kokoh Bikinis 😁

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shxt-faced said:
post a picture of my car's sistercar! i hope you remember our previous conversation or your gonna think i'm a freak :(

Haha no I remember!! I’ll get my bro to take one of me by it this evening 😋


My mood depends on how good my hair and eyebrows look

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I am v rusty. But with more practice in my little toot I should be fine!😸

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Kayangan Lake (by 13thFOOL)

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it is the fifth of the eleven rules of earth: 
Do not make sexual advances unless you are given the mating signal.
y’all should give them a read, as well as the sins, and the statements